Ikuo Sato met his wife, Kaede Kawamura, at the hospital where he is interning at, when her grandfather was hospitalized. He fell in love with her and decided to marry her even though their social statuses are worlds apart. The Kawamuras are a distinguished family running the prestigious Kawamura Memorial, a funeral home, and Kaede is their sole heir. Ikuo, on the other hand, comes from a broken home and was brought up by his single mother. Detaching himself from the ongoing inheritance battle between the Kawamura family, he dreams of going to remote places that lack medical practitioners to help as many people as possible. Will Ikuo and Kaede be able to lead a normal family life despite their differences? And will the value of family prevail over fortune and wealth?


Family Fortune War

Airs: Sunday 8:00PM-9:00PM

Repeats: Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM



Osamu Mukai as Ikuo Kawamura (Sato)

Nana Eikura as Kaede Kawamura

Shiro Ito as Ryutaro Kawamura

Ittoku Kishibe as Kozo Kawamura

Kimiko Yo as Yoko Kawamura

Yuka Itaya as Rinko Kawamura

Shigeru Muroi as Tsukiko Yahata

Kosuke Suzuki as Masaharu Yahata

Kayoko Kishi as Hanako Sato

Ken Mitsuishi as Hajime Sato

Ikkei Watanabe as Takashi Yoshizawa


Japanese Title: Isan Souzoku (TV Asahi)

Theme Song: Love to Peace by Ikimonogakari

Air Dates: 5/12/19 – 7/7/19



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