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  • •77% of victims of falls in Hawaii are aged 65 years or older
  • •Approximately every 5 hours, an elderly person living in Hawaii is hospitalized as a result of falling.
  • •In Hawaii, on average, 65 seniors die, over 1,700 are hospitalized, and almost 4,500 are treated in an emrgency department because of falls every year.
  • •Falls cause 80% of the hospitalizations for traumatic brain injuries.
  • •75% of all falls among seniors occur in the home.
  • •37% are discharged to a skilled nursing facility and 14% to a rehabilitation facilty incurring additional costs to insurance companies and families.
  •  •The number of falls increases significantly across the senior age range.
  • •Seniors who have fallen are 2-3 times more likely to fall again.

    • •Begin a regular exercise program
    • •Have your health care provider review you medications
    • •Have your vision checked
    • •Make your home safer
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