Somehow over the years, Thursday night became our detective drama night. Not samurai (jidaigeki) detective dramas, but modern detective dramas, like Partners, Omiya-san, Investigator Mariko, and many, many more. Currently, we’re airing Partners 10 at 8pm, and The Interrogator at 9pm.

However, the final episode of Partners 10 aired last night, and the final episode of The Interrogator will air next week (6/11). So, with these two dramas ending, will Thursday night still be detective night?


Next week Thursday (6/11), we premier The Last Policeman at 8pm. This is about a small, elite team of detectives within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Considered the best of the best in their areas of expertise, they were handpicked because of their remarkable skills and are tasked with bringing criminals of heinous crimes into custody alive. But first, they must learn to put their egos aside and work together as a team.

The Japanese title of this drama is Saigo no Keikan.

The following Thursday, 6/18), we premier Partners 11 (Aibou 11) at 9pm! As the title suggests, this is the 11th season in the Partners series, which KIKU began airing in 2007. You’ll want to watch to see if there is a new partner in this series.

Ja, ne!

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9 Responses to Detective Night

  1. DeWayne says:

    What was the name of the dective show in the 90’s used gold or red handcuffs to arrest people. was like a comedic mission impossible. they were a elite police force operating out of coffeshop or bar.

  2. L Analu says:

    Konnichiwa, KIKU TV! Arigatou for a terrific first half of the year of “Detective Night” where KIKU has so considerately included “fan favorites”: Partners, Omiya-san, Mariko…it’s been great! As for new dramas, Interrogator has been good, too, despite the incomplete airing, but we hope the finale will be aired soon, soon, soon! ☺ Also, may we ask about “The Last Policeman”? Last year I had opportunity to watch this drama (not on KIKU), but didn’t remember that episode 3 (aired 6/25 Thurs) included the kidnapping scene and beating of female character, Aki Yokokawa, which, unfortunately, will continue in episode 4 this week. It is a horrible brutal beating of a female. Though this drama is fiction, the filming is very graphic. The scenes are extremely disturbing and are definitely not appropriate for certain age groups (or even for anybody regardless of age group). Our family records episodes that we have to watch a little later, and when we do, we fast forward to skip improper content. However, most likely not every viewer who also wants to avoid inappropriate content has that option. Could KIKU please help us viewers with this dilemma about content? –Questions: (1) Could KIKU please provide us viewers with advanced notice on content of shows by adding the service of posting TV Parental Guideline ratings according to the national TV Parental Guidelines Board ( (2) Could KIKU please explain KIKU’s guidelines for reviewing and selecting dramas based on how much content there is that contains violence (V), sexual situations (S), coarse or crude indecent language (L), and/or suggestive dialogue (usually sexual) (D)? Helping us know KIKU’s answers/decisions to these two questions upfront would help us families make sure that what we watch on KIKU is definitely “family-friendly” and proper for any age group! Domo arigatou, KIKU, for your thoughtfulness always of us viewers. We love KIKU. –LA

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Hi LA, thank you for your thoughtful comments. We try to be careful, but there is always room for improvement. We do have a procedure in place for reviewing content beforehand, but your comment has caused us to re-evaluate our procedure to see if we need to tighten it even further. We post ratings guidelines on our descriptions of shows in our TV guide listings, but one way we could be more pro-active would be to add this graphic to the actual episode prior to airing, which we will do going forward. Thank you again for your feedback.

  3. Marge says:

    Can’t recall the title of the show about embezzlement on Monday nights at 8 p.m. Has it concluded?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      The show’s title is Paper Moon. There were only five episodes and yes, the fifth and final episode played Monday, 6/22.

  4. Lynda Lui-Kwan says:

    I missed the last Interrogator because the last show was not picked up by my DVR – any chance of it replaying?

  5. Norman says:

    So, who killed the police officer and why. I missed the last ten minutes or so because of faulty programing.

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