What Do You Want To See?

When I was in Tokyo, I attended Tiffcom, which is a showcase for content, such as film, television programs, anime, and music. I met with many different stations and production companies, all interested in having their shows air in Hawaii on KIKU. There are not just a wide variety of titles to choose from, there are also a wide variety of genres to choose from: dramas, documentaries, news, anime, and even old legacy programs like Lone Wolf With a Child.

As a child, I remember going to the theatre to see movies like Lone Wolf With a Child and Zatoichi. How nostalgic would it be to bring back old programs like these? Which got me wondering, am I the only one who feels this way? Would other people like to see old legacy programs too?

So I’m asking for your feedback. What do you want to see? Do you want us to continue to focus on modern dramas like Doctor X and our Wednesday Mystery Theatre? Do you like the variety shows, like Cocorico, Dotchi, and Japan’s Local Secrets? Are you a fan of the taiga drama? Are you interested in seeing some of the old programs, like Lone Wolf With a Child?

Your input would help us as we plan our 2014 so I look forward to hearing from you.

Ja, ne!




What happens in Tokyo…

…doesn’t stay in Tokyo.

Instead, I want to share with you some of the things I experiencedin Tokyo last week.

First of all, two typhoons and one earthquake. Luckily, these three events were relatively minor compared to other disasters Japan has experienced. There was some rain from the typhoons a couple of days, and there was a lot of shaking in the hotel room from the earthquake, but other than that, things were normal.

Second, the food was awesome! From sashimi to tonkatsu to homemade chikuwa to anmitsu to ramen and much, more more, everything was incredibly fresh and delicious.  

The first night, I was taken to an izakaya restaurant in Shinjuku which specializes in fresh fish. The waiter brings a tray of fresh fish to the table. You select which one you want and how you want it prepared and voila!

Fresh fish in Shinjuku

Here’s the tray of fresh fish we could select from.

Fresh fish after being cooked

And here’s the cooked fish, with daikon on the side.

The next day, it was Japanese breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Japanese breakfast

Rice, kinpira, hijiki, salmon, tsukemono, and curry!

Although it may seem like I was only focused on food, I really did work, too, with back-to-back meetings from morning until late night every day. But in between and after meetings, there were incredible meals to enjoy.

Take a look at this fabulous tray of sashimi we had at an izakaya in the Shinbashi area. All this for $20!!!

Shinbashi Izakaya

When I learned how much this cost, I said let’s get one per person!

And who wouldn’t appreciate the beautiful presentation of this kaiseki course?

Kaiseki dinner course

One of eight courses from a kaiseki dinner.


Also, this incredible main course from a French restaurant in Roppongi.

French restaurant in Roppongi

Restaurant J in the Roppongi area.

Sharing a meal is a great way to overcome communication gaps and move a relationship from casual business acquaintances to personal friends.  

Next post, I’ll tell you about the programs we are looking at and feedback we need from you.

Ja, ne!

KIKU’s viewers are the BEST


It has been a little over 4 months since launching the new kikutv.com site. To enhance your experience, I’ve made a commitment to update and monitor the site daily. I have listened to your feedback and have consequently added tons of information on our programs so that you can find out all you need to know right here on kikutv.com. You – our viewers – are our main priority, and you all deserve a wonderful, informative, and flawless website. This website is not “kiku’s” site; it is our viewers site. That being said, I want to do everything possible to continue to improve the website and still need your input. If you want more information on our programming, please let me know. If you have seen something cool on another site and want it here on kikutv.com, please let me know. If you think something can be more user-friendly, please let me know. All suggestions are welcome!


Jessica Miriga


Tokyo Bound

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Tiffcom, which is a multi-content festival held in Tokyo. Tiffcom marries the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) with a trade show of programming content providers. (Content refers to products such as film, dramas, anime, documentaries, and music, which are available for licensing on various media.)

Although we conduct most of our business with Japan content providers via email and phone throughout the year, Tiffcom provides an excellent opportunity to see everyone in one place over a short period of time. It’s also a great place to meet new people and seek out new content and content providers. And, of course, nothing takes the place of meeting people face-to-face, reconnecting with business partners, and building relationships in person.

I am headed to Tokyo for Tiffcom and looking forward to connecting with old and new friends.

Ja, ne!

New Friends

What a great week we had last week! Jannelle So was in Hawaii to formally launch Kababayan Today on KIKU. There was a press conference and reception at the Philippine Consulate General on Thursday, October 3rd, attended by Filipino politicians, community leaders, and business leaders. Thank you, Consul General Torres, for opening the doors of the Consulate General to Kababayan Today and KIKU!

There was time for food and fellowship after the event, and it gave us a chance to make a lot of new friends in the Filipino community. To name just a few (besides Consul General Torres), Vice Consul Joy Santos, Jeffrey De Mesa, “Uncle” Joe Lazo, Brandon Dela Cruz, Allan Alvarez, Conrad Valdriz, Annabel Cabebe, Carlotta Ader, Rudy Ibay, and Lilia Santiago.

Thank you, Annabel and Carlotta, for the delicious lechon you donated. It was the highlight of the dinner!

Over the weekend, Jannelle met many more leaders in the Filipino community, and her interviews will be seen over the next few weeks on Kababayan Today, which airs each Monday through Friday on KIKU-TV, from 3:30-4pm.

I cannot end this post without mentioning People’s Cafe. I’ve always known People’s Cafe for their Hawaiian food, but did you know they also have great Filipino food? Thank you, Conrad Valdriz, for the delicious lunch!

Please keep watching Kababayan Today for more of Jannelle’s Hawaii segments, many of which were taped at the Filcom Center in Waipahu. Rose Churma’s vision of a place where the people and culture of the Philippines can be celebrated is alive at the Filcom Center.

Salamat po.

Sayonara, Fat Detective! Hello Samurai Drama!

I’m sad The Fat Detective is ending. The last episode airs this Sunday, October 6th at 9pm. I will miss this drama about loveable and competent Detective Hanazawa, who proves week after week that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll also miss seeing the delicious foods he devours each week.

But there is a new drama to look forward to. Starting the following Sunday, October 13th, we will be airing a samurai drama titled The Inner Chamber. It’s a role reversal drama set in the Edo period. I say role reversal because in this drama, a woman becomes Shogun, and is served by 3,000 handsome male attendants. It’s a drama filled with love, intrigue, and jealousies. Don’t miss it!

Ja, ne!

A Lot Happening in the Filipino Community!

We hope to see you at the Philippine Consulate this Thursday night! The Philippine Consulate General of Honolulu has invited the Filipino-American community in Hawaii to a reception celebrating the launch of KABABAYAN TODAY on KIKU-TV on 3 October 2013 (Thursday) at 6:00 pm. Jannelle So, the host of KABABAYAN TODAY, will be at the event.

For inquiries and to confirm your attendance, please get in touch with Mr. Jeffrey de Mesa at jeffovp@gmail.com or at 808-595-6316 to 19.

And, a free immigration forum will be held at the Filcom Center on Saturday, October 5, 2013, from 12N-1pm. The forum will be put on by the law firm of Aquino and Loew, a firm specializing in immigration law. Following the forum, the firm is offering free private consultations from 1-4pm. Appointments for the free consultations are recommended and can be made at (888) 797-1140, ext. 2 or at info@aquinoloew.com.

We hope to see you at both events!

Launch of Kababayan Today at the Philippine Consulate

The Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu wishes to invite the Filipino-American community in Hawaii to a reception celebrating the launch of KABABAYAN TODAY on KIKU-TV on 3 October 2013 (Thursday) at 6:00 pm at the Philippine Consulate. KABABAYAN TODAY is America’s first and only locally-produced talk show for and about the Filipinos.

Kababayan Today (formerly Kababayan L.A.) celebrated its 7th anniversary in April 2013, making it the longest-running Filipino talk show outside the Philippines. It broadcasts over the air in Southern California, reaching 6.3 million households on LA 18, KSCI-TV. In May of this year, Kababayan Today began broadcasting daily on KIKU-TV in Hawaii. KIKU-TV broadcasts on Channel 20 and on Oceanic Cable Channel 9. Worldwide, it is available at www.youtube.com/kababayanla18.

Ms. Jannelle So, host and producer of Kababayan Today, will be visiting Honolulu from 3 to 7 October 2013 to reach out to our kababayans in Hawaii, meet and establish relationships with the Filipino-American community, business organizations and media; film special interest stories and features around Hawaii; and ask for story submissions and pitches on what our kababayans want to see on the program.

For inquiries and confirmation of attendance, please get in touch with Mr. Jeffrey de Mesa jeffovp@gmail.com at telephone numbers 808-595-6316 to 19.


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