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  1. Haj says:

    any plans to bring back any of the Sonny Chiba series – Yagyu or Hattori Hanzo

  2. Gerald says:

    Wasn’t Tomisaburo Wakayama the original Ogami Itto in the Lone Wolf with Cub series?

    • Maiko says:

      The original movie “Lone Wolf With Cub” was by Tomisaburo Wakayama, but the original TV series was by Kinnosuke Yorozuya.

  3. Akichan says:

    I LOVE watching Lone Wolf With Cub. I think little Daigoro is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. So kawaii! Will you be showing all episodes until the very last episode? I’d like to see how it ends. Thanks for bringing this show.

    • Maiko says:

      Yes, Daigoro is really cute and his acting is great. First season, airing now, is totally 26 episodes. And we are planning to bring another 26 episodes as second season later.

  4. ckt says:

    Was surprised to find out that the main character is played by the former Nakamura Kinnosuke who was one of my favorite samurai actors when i was growing up.
    Thank you for showing this program. I love it!

    • Maiko says:

      He changed his name from Nakamura to Yorozuya in 1971. We are glad you love the “Lone Wolf With Cub”!

  5. ハッピー says:

    Will there ever be an agreement for more variety shows? maybe even a TBS branch to Hawaii? I truly enjoy the dramas but more variety shows would be awesome to see, 水曜日のダウンタウン (Wednesdays Downtown) or even some old Gaki no Tsukai episodes would be a dream to just see on TV. Though they can be crude but people enjoy toilet comedy sometimes. I remember there being a channel before in Hawaii (or it could’ve been old kiku) that had funny shows like the original Ninja Warrior and other prank shows. Big fan of Japanese humor, wished it reached out more.

  6. donghai says:

    It’s so good to see a classic show like “Lone Wolf with Cub” on KIKU!! Another classic drama I would love to see again is “Our Journey” (Oretachi no tabi). Are there any plans to get it in the future? Thank you so much

  7. Seaborn says:

    Does Lone Wolf and Cub play only on Saturday evening, or is there another time? Another day?
    Thanks for any replay

    • Maiko says:

      We air it on Friday 8-9PM and repeat the same episode on Saturday 7-8PM. So you have chance to see it twice a week.

  8. Steve says:

    Mahalo for bringing the 70’s Lone Wolf TV series to KIKU.
    I’ve always been a fan of the cinema version and this television series compares very well with interesting plots and great acting.
    Comparing the movie and TV versions, both actors playing “Ito” are excellent. I like “Daigoro” in the TV series better.

  9. Laura says:

    Is Yoko Nogiwa in both “Behind the Noren” and “Lone Wolf with Cub”?

  10. Skooby says:

    Wow glad someone brought Lone Wolf back.
    Any plans for the Blind Swordsman?

  11. richard says:

    thank you
    nice swordplay
    the hardest is to see the final episode
    Japanese “rambo” with “dotanuki” katana

  12. Keith says:

    Yes, I agree and am thankful that this is being shown!

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