If you’ve been to a traditional Japanese restaurant or inn, chances are you’ve passed through a noren — or curtain — at the entrance. (Noren are those fabric room dividers, usually with vertical slits cut at the bottom.)

This Sunday, we begin a new series we are calling Behind the Noren. The actual title of this show is Hanayome Noren, which literally translates to Bridal Curtain.

The series is about the fiery relationship between the madam of an old-style Japanese inn (ryokan) and her new daughter-in-law, a former career woman.

Naoko is the career woman who was working in Tokyo before marrying the eldest son of a family that owns a distinguished traditional inn in Kanazawa.  Naoko’s new mother-in-law, Shino, views her as an outsider and refuses to accept her.

However, when Naoko’s husband Sosuke abruptly disappears one day, leaving behind a large debt, Naoko tells Shino about her plan to work at the inn to pay off Sosuke’s debts.

This is a family drama about the laughs, tears, and battles between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that go on in the inn “behind the curtain”. Hence, our title: Behind the Noren.

Sundays, 9-10pm, beginning 3/22/15. Hope you enjoy this!

Ja, ne!





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8 Responses to Behind the Noren

  1. Charlotte Boteilho says:

    I was/am a faithful viewer of Behind The Noren, however I missed the final episode which aired on July 10th. Is there anyway I can rewatch that episode? I am sick about having to miss the one episode that I really wanted to see.

    • Maiko says:

      Sorry that you missed the final episode. We will re-telecast the “Behind the Noren 2” from October 18th, 2016!! Although you have a chance to watch it, you have to wait until the final episode 🙁

  2. Arlene says:

    I enjoyed watching Behind the Noren. I also like watching Doctor X, The Doctors and Save Our Town. I don’t care for My Prince (to depressing) and Pet Doctor in the House (main character is to stupid/silly). In the past, I liked watching Mother Class, High School Chorus, The Concierge, Fat Detective, Emperor Chef, Downtown Rocket, Age Harassment, Beauty and the Fellow, and The Tempest.

  3. Michael Martin says:

    When will the movie behind the noren 2 will be playing again?

    • Maiko says:

      We will be re-airing Behind the Noren 2 in October. It will air on Tuesday nights from 9-10pm starting October 18.

  4. Sally Hayashi says:

    Will there be another Beyond the Noren. I think last week Naoko passed through the Noren so it must be the end of that series. Will you have repeats of this Beyond the Noren 2 or will there be a Beyond the Noren 3 series.

    This is the only Japanese show that I have time to watch so I hope it continues. Thank you so much!

    • Maiko says:

      The Behind the Noren 2 was ended on July 10th. The scene you saw was the last one. Since there is continuous seasons in Japan, we will bring season 3 in the future. We are glad you enjoyed it! Thank you too!

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