I haven’t been blogging much lately. I was dealing with some health issues, but I’ll be posting regularly (weekly) from now on.

And just in time! Our week of Autumn Specials is coming up. This year, we’ll be airing our specials the week of September 8th through the 14th.

We’ll be putting Soko ga Shiritai on hiatus that week, and have a six-night special titled “Ill Still Love You in 10 Years” airing each night Monday through Saturday from 7-8pm that week. This is a somewhat complicated romantic drama about a woman named Rika who is unlucky in love. One day, Rika meets a man who tells her he is her husband from 10 years in the future.  He says he has traveled back in time to prevent their marriage. You’ll want to watch all six episodes to see what reason there could be for him to travel back in time to undo Rika’s happiness.

At 8pm on Monday night (9/8), is a heartwarming drama titled Yasu. This is about the unbreakable bond that forms between a father and son after a freak accident caused by the son results in his mom’s death. Yasu, the father, commits his life to raising his son alone, with the goal of shielding his son from the truth about his mother’s death.

I’ll be posting again soon with more news about our Autumn specials. But don’t make plans to go out to dinner that week; you’ll want to be at home to watch our specials!

Ja, ne!

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11 Responses to Autumn Specials

  1. toshi h. says:

    In 2014, specials, did you show a 2 part series (4 hours) called Castle in Sand (Book by Matsumoto, Seicho)? Do you plan to show it again? If not do you know where I can buy a CD of the series you showed? Thank you.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We aired Vessel of Sand (also known as Castle of Sand) in January 2013, and it was re-aired in August of 2013. We do not plan on airing it again. If you are looking for a DVD of the show WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES, it will be very difficult to find. Most Japanese programs are not available on DVD with legal English subtitles. Sorry, it’s very frustrating to not be able to help you with this.

  2. Joey S. says:

    The poll auditing which special would we like to see this fall. I’m sure you remember that poll & results…

  3. GSP says:

    I want to watch (and don’t want to miss in case no repeats later) the Mission to Kill Special and the Housekeeper 2, but can’t find where on the website it lists the date and times of the airings. I would also want to catch the Housekeeper 1 since I only vaguely remember watching some of it.

    I also want to watch the Miyamoto Musashi SP with Kimura Takuya. Thanks.

  4. Joey S. says:

    I don’t understand why you took a poll where shows with 54% and 28% requests were ignored and shows with only 2% and 5% were selected. Why?

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