Recently, we’ve been airing more jidaigeki shows. Do you know jidaigeki? Basically, it refers to a genre of programs usually described as samurai dramas.

A popular series that aired on KIKU for many years — Abarenbo Shogun — was an example of jidaigeki. And the program that just finished airing, Ninja Sarutobi III, was also jidaigeki. We just began airing a new show on Tuesday nights at 9pm, Hidamari no Ki, which is also jidaigeki.

Typically, jidaigeki are historical dramas depicting people living most often in the Edo period. And although I described the genre earlier as samurai dramas, jidaigeki is also about the lives of merchants, farmers, craftsmen, and other everyday people.

On April 4, we will begin another jidaigeki series. This one is called Mission to Kill (Japanese name: Hissatsu Shigotonin). This drama is about assassins who are hired by victims of crime to avenge the crimes committed against them. Hiring an assassin is also a crime, but when you learn about the victims, you come to understand their motivation.

Please watch all our jidaigeki shows and let me know if you’re a fan.

Ja, ne!


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26 Responses to Are you a fan of Jidaigeki?

  1. Mark Hammond says:

    When I was stationed on Oahu from 1982 to 1985, my wife and I watched a jidaigeki series that dealt with (I believe) a half-brother of the shogun who wandered from han to han looking into corruption. He travelled incognito and was accompanied by a female Iga ninja, a bulky male bodyguard, and often with a beautiful young woman called Princess Yaya and her female servant. I think the main character’s name was Matsudaira Genkuro, but I am not sure. The episodes always had the classic ending where he confronts the malefactors with their misdeeds and throws a sort of edged medallion with the seal of the shogunate. The villains initially would bow to his authority, but when they realized their lives would be forfeit they would call for their guards and the hero would dispatch all of them in a sort of ballet-like stylized battle. I believe the star of the series also sang the theme song. Does anyone remember this series and its name?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We think you are talking about Genkuro Tabi Nikki, or Genkuro’s Travel Journal. We could not find English info about this show.

    • Ron Davis says:

      Longest running jidaiseki series in Japanese history. Title was Mito Komon. I can only find subtitled episodes made in Korea. Not free on Amazon Prime, so I choose not to watch them. I watched them in Japan, and had to make up my own story line. I’ll keep looking until I find one that is free.

    • Ron says:

      It was Abarenbo Shogun. Season 11 is online and easy to watch (with English subtitles) Some earlier ones are on too, but with a different star. Matsudaira Ken is the good one.

  2. joyce says:

    There was a series that ended in April or May of this year (2015). It aired on Tuesday nights repeating on Sunday. Could you tell me the title of the series?

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      We air the taiga drama, Hanamoyu, on Tuesday nights at 8pm, and repeat it on Sunday nights at 7pm. However, this series lasts for almost an entire year, so it is still playing and will continue to play until January 2016. I think you are talking about Oyaji Samurai. We were airing this on Tuesday nights at 9pm, and the series ended on May 12th. (It was not repeated on Sundays.)

      Coincidentally, though, we will be replaying this series on Sundays, beginning with a 1-1/2 hour special on September 13th at 8pm. The regular series episodes will start on Sunday, September 27th, at 8pm.

      Oyaji Samurai was KIKU’s title; the real title is Yoidore Kotouji.

  3. Tai says:

    Love the series. Soon as you know when Onihei hankacho or Zankuro will air let me know and I will book a flight from PHX over and bring my DVR. I pity all the Hawaiians that have moved from Hawaii to the Desert.
    Remember if it walks like a desert, quacks like a desert and has no Onihei hankacho reruns. It isn’t the land of milk and honey. Plz bring Kiku-TV to the desert

  4. Lee Okimoto says:

    Just wondering if you will be able to get a MITO KOMON TV series that had Kotaro Satomi as Lord Mito. Also a JIROCHO SANGOKUSHI that had Masahiko Tsugawa as Jirocho. A number of years back, your station brought in two HATAMOTO TAIKUTSU OTOKO specials with Kinya Kitaoji as Saotome Mondonosuke. It is my understanding that there were 7 made for TV specials made. What is the chance that we will be able to see the other 5 TV specials in the future?

  5. 2wheelsas1 says:

    I was looking for a series with the character Kirigakure Saizo in it that aired in the mid 80’s. Id forgotten the name of it, but it was about him and another ninja Sasake(?). It was filmed primarily indoor sets that were campy looking but really well played. I remember one episode they were trying to kill someone at a court function, they were disguised as jesters and shot a dart that missed and hit a kids fan, then it was hilarious when they were backing out trying to get away. They were working for one gov’t faction and trying to overthrow the other. I know its a long shot but maybe someone here knows what series I may be trying to recall. Thanks!

  6. Shigotonin says:

    Thank you very much for “Mission to Kill”. Really like this show.
    Just noticed that Mission to Kill Special will be aired in September.
    I know there’s a lot of specials for this dorama. The last one was aired in Japan last month.
    Which special is it?
    And do you plan to air other specials as well?
    Thank you.

  7. Toki wa Ima says:

    Sorry. Which Kanbe episode are we on?


  8. Sadako1718 says:

    I saw the re-run of “The Last Revenge” and I was deeply moved by the well written drama dealing with drastic change of the value due to the historical shift from “samurai era” to Meiji Restoration. I think the young actor who played the principal role is a brilliant actor. He has theater acting career. Can anyone tell me his name?

  9. J. Kim says:

    I have a question – so where can one purchase the Abarenbo Shogun episodes as DVDs? I have tried to find them but without success. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Sorry, but there are very few Japanese dramas with English subtitles available on DVDs that are legal.

  10. Sadako1718 says:

    I love jidaigeki with passion !! I missed four beginning episodes of the “Inner Chamber” last time so it took for a while to understand the complicated story. It is so imaginative and well written drama. I think Masato Sakai is a fantastic actor and I fell in love with his acting. I really appreciate your re-run of the “Inner Chamber”.

  11. GSP says:

    I like Mission to Kill. I “watched” the early episodes in the background and regret it. If it’s re-run, I’ll definitely watch the whole thing again.

    Doctor X2 is good. I hope there’s a Doctor X3, etc.

  12. Tom Datt says:

    I wish there was a way to get your broadcasts outside of Hawaii. My wife is from Okinawa, Japan and we love to watch any of the older Jidaigeki shows. Unfortunately we have only been able to watch the ones that have been uploaded to Youtube which means only Zatoichi, Kozure Okami, and Nagasaki Hankacho. We would love to find a way to get more of them

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Sorry, but our licensing rights only allow us to broadcast the programs in Hawaii. We wish we could make the shows available to you, too.

  13. The Dude says:

    You should consider airing the 12 hour jidaigeki dramas TV Tokyo produced back in the 90s. Most of them are superb productions, great cast etc. and the prefect length for a jidaigeki drama, 13 episodes. Both Musashi series (1990 & 1996) starring the great Kitaoji Kinya would be marvelous to see, as well as his Fuun Yagyu series (1985). There are also tons of TV specials (90mins productions) of both Abarenbo Shogun and Onihei Hankacho. Series produced in 2000 and foward, not so good. Golden era of TV jidaigeki was the 80s and 90s if you ask me.

  14. Akira says:

    Tenchijin, Ryomaden, Go-Himetachi no Sengoku were good; I like the current taiga drama, Gunshi Kanbe, too.

  15. GSP says:

    I like the sort of anamorphic widescreen used for Mission to Kill better than letterbox.

  16. GSP says:

    I never gave Ninja Sarutobi a chance, as the first episode wasn’t appealing. I did really like Abarenbo Shogun, Toyama no Kinsan, 3 Swordsmen.

    Looking forward to Mission to Kill and Doctor X2.

    What I really miss are those romance dramas with good opening and ending theme songs, or the light hearted family comedies like Akimahende, Love and Peace, Crayon Shinchan.

    • Phyllis Kihara says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Too bad about Ninja Sarutobi. We’re going to retelecast it in September, so I hope you will give it another look. It really is a good show. And thank you for your feedback about those light-hearted family comedies. Thinking about it, we haven’t aired too many of those type recently and will keep this in mind when we are looking at new shows. Did you happen to see Family Court or King of the House? They were family dramas that were somewhat light-hearted with great moral lessons at the end of each episode. Also, if you haven’t already seen it, please watch Let It Be (Sundays at 9pm)? It’s a light-hearted family comedy drama.

      • GSP says:

        I never watched those family shows. I haven’t been watching much KIKU since college days and shortly after, and recently remembered those romance dramas I liked that had those good j-pop opening and closing theme songs, so “returned” to KIKU with O Hitori Sama, Hatsukoi, Doctor X. I really liked Concerto, Koshonin 1 & 2, Mr. Brain, Musashi. I saw there’s a new Takuya Kimura Miyamoto Musashi 2 episode special, and I’d really like to watch that with English subtitles, even though I watched the long Musashi TV series with the Kabuki actor. It would be crazy if KIKU brought the Takuya Kimura Space Battleship Yamato to Hawaii TV.

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