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Hikari Makita is a police officer with pure motives and ineffective results. Her trusting personality often results in her being deceived by suspects, which gets her relegated to trivial tasks in the cold case resource department.

That is, until Ryunosuke Chajima shows up. Ryunosuke is a clever attorney who is somehow involved in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s newly formed Cold Case Anonymous Investigation Unit. This unit tackles unsolved cases by offering leniency to suspects for information. Ryunosuke somehow gets Hikari assigned to the new unit, but what is his motive?


Angels and Demons

Airs: Sunday 9:00PM-10:00PM

Repeats: Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM


Ayame Gouriki as Hikari Makita

Atsuro Watabe as Ryunosuke Chajima

Tomoharu Hasegawa as ken Udagawa

Risa Naito as Noemi Hattori

Shizuka Nakamura as Akane Eniwa


Japanese Title: Tenshi to Akuma

Theme Song: Song for you ~Ashita e Kakeru Hikari by Sonar Pocket

Air Dates: 2/23/17-4/23/17


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