We are re-airing a number of special programs this summer. If you missed them the first time, I hope you will catch them this time.

We began a couple of Fridays ago with Sore ga Shiritai. Last night, we aired Yasu. Here is a list of the other specials we will be airing in the coming weeks:

Fri, 8/14 – 9-10pm: Big Family in a Small Village, Part 1

Wed, 8/19 – 8-10pm: The Housekeeper 2

Fri, 8/21 – 9-10pm: Big Family in a Small Village, Part 2

Wed, 8/26 – 8-9:30pm: A Pierrot Praying for the Moon

Wed, 9/2 – 8-10:30pm: Love or Duty: Samurai Rebellion

Wed, 9/9 – 8-10:30pm: Shinzanmono Special

Wed, 9/23 – 8-10pm: The Stork’s Nest

Wed, 9/30 – 8-10pm: Letter to Mom in Heaven

We will also be airing a whole week of new special programs the week of September 14. I’ll share more about these programs with you next time.

Ja, ne!


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